Sicklerville Community Information

Sicklerville dates back to the early-19th century. The early settlers were attracted by the region's plentiful pine trees, which they used to produce charcoal. Transporting the charcoal and other goods to Philadelphia and the New Jersey shore became much easier when a man named John Sickler established a local railroad depot. From then on, the Sickler family history becomes intertwined with the development of Sicklerville. One of John's sons, for example, is believed to have donated land on which the community's first church was built. When the Sicklerville Post Office came into being, Paul Sickler was named the first postmaster.

Up until about 50 years ago, Sicklerville was primarily an agricultural community. In the second half of the 20th century, housing development took over on the strength of high demand for residential areas around Philadelphia. For some time, Sicklerville was in a stage of transition, moving from a rural farm community to the blossoming suburban area it is today. Now, with new shopping centers and other developments cropping up, Sicklerville is a complete community where residents enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Several parks in the area provide a place for kids and their parents to relax or rejuvenate. One of Sicklerville's popular local parks is Frank Donio Memorial Park, which stretches out over 50 acres. With a host of athletic fields and courts, walking paths, playground and picnic area, Frank Donio Memorial is a busy spot on the weekends and afternoons. The park also hosts the Winslow Township Maullers Football Team.

The weather in Sicklerville is characterized by warm, humid summers and cool winters. Temperatures usually reach their yearly peak in July, when it can get as hot as 90 degrees. January is the coolest month of the year, and temperatures fluctuate between the low-20s and the low-40s. The community sees about four inches of precipitation monthly, throughout the year.

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